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Object Recognition

The Most Personalized Object Recognition

This technology enables automatic assignment of relevant tags or keywords to vast collections of images. We use deep learning model analyzes the pixel content of visuals, extracts their features and detects objects of interest. We train the models with various objects from daily life and can be additionally trained with customer-specific tags for utmost precision.

We serve our customer giving access to make their models live for free in the cloud.

About Image

Custom Object Detection

We develop and provide platform object detection algorithm for different applications like in banks,agriculture,health care,ecommerce,fashion etc as client requirements.

Similarly the algorithm blurs images containing nudity and provide safe for work filter, making it possible to distinguish between unapropriate adult content and photos.

Develop a Powerful Computer Vision Application
That Includes

Image Classification

The cloud API classify the images with different classes having different accuracy. The API automatically assign tags to your images.

Custom Training

We can develop our own custom models and it can be uploaded to the system for custom image classification and recognition.

Facial Recognition

The API uses object localization for face detection and then compares the features of the face detected with those of images in database.

Visual Search

This is based on deep learning and extraction of visual and semantic features during categorization that are used as matching criteria during the search.

Attendance System

The API uses object identification of face and then compares the features of the face detected with those of images in databas

Image Captioning

The API returns the description or caption of any image.It discribes what is going on in the given image.

How DEEP-CNN Works

We click photos and images and we send it to the Deep-Cnn system.The images is classified and the api will send the result to your device.In this process you can use your own models and use the AI system.

About Image
About Image

Deep-Learning API

About Image
About Image

Deep Learning Models

Data Storage(History & Analytics)